Health Coaching

Encourage employees’ wellness goals with one-on-one Health Coaching

People usually have an idea of what they need to change in order to be healthier, but they don’t always know how to get started or stay motivated. Certified Health and Wellness Coaches at BeneFIT Corporate Wellness empower employees to take charge of their personal health, supporting employees’ decisions to manage weight, stress, exercise, nutrition, smoking cessation, and work/life balance.

Through guidance, motivation, and education, our coaches help participants make lifestyle adjustments that can achieve the health related objectives that are important to them. They emphasize personal attention to each individual and setting reasonable goals at a comfortable pace, so that your employees can enjoy the satisfaction of success.

BeneFIT Health Coaching includes:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions (onsite, online, or by phone)
  • Convenient messaging and scheduling through the online Wellness Portal
  • Custom goal setting for each employee’s needs
  • Consistent follow-up to sustain engagement
  • Access to self-management tools
  • Educational resources and materials relevant to employee goals and interests
  • Support for other internal wellness initiatives

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