Health Coaching

Encourage employees’ wellness goals with one-on-one Health Coaching

People usually want to be healthier. But getting started in a program and staying motivated can be tough. That’s why employer-initiated health coaching is so valuable. BeneFIT’s board-certified health coaches use gentle guidance and evidence-based education to help participants make the lifestyle adjustments that are important to them. Some areas of expertise include managing weight or stress; exercise; nutrition; smoking cessation; and work/life balance.

BeneFIT Health Coaching includes:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions (onsite, online, or by phone)
  • Convenient messaging and scheduling through the online Wellness Portal
  • Personal attention and custom goal-setting to satisfy each employee’s needs
  • Consistent follow-up to sustain engagement
  • Access to self-management tools
  • Discounts on leading brands of fitness and wellness products
  • Educational resources and materials relevant to employee goals and interests
  • Support for other internal wellness initiatives

If you’re not sure where to start … try one of our health coaching pathways.

Digital: Employees are given the tools they need to set goals and track progress.

Self-Motivated: Communication materials and access to a board-certified health coach help employees manage their efforts.

Proactive: Employee engagement is strengthened through incentives, coaching outreach, and reporting.

Behavior Change: Personalized guidance, support, and detailed reporting focus on results.

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