Top 5 Reasons your Business or Organization can Benefit from a Medical Director

Posted by: Scott Appnel
Date: July 6, 2020

Medical Policy Consultation helps you put it all in writing

The considerations are many as we begin to bring employees and others on-site after COVID-19, and prepare for “business as usual.” Except, these times are anything but usual. From the legal and ethical to medical perspectives, there is much an employer or administrator needs to know for a safe return to work, school, or other location.

Retaining a medical director can make the transition simpler and more effective, and can provide long-term benefits after the pandemic has passed. Directorship models are usually customized based on the client’s needs, and range from an annual retainer to an “as needed” hourly arrangement.

Here are five reasons why retaining a medical director makes sense:

  1. Adherence to government guidelines and local regulations. With COVID-19, things change fast. A medical director will ensure you are in compliance with health mandates and rules at all times.
  2. Facility assessment and recommendations. Your director will help with considerations such as ensuring appropriate occupation density, distancing measures, and safeguards in high-traffic areas.
  3. Certified medical expertise for testing and return of individuals who were sick. A director will help you navigate testing, temperature screenings, and time frames for return of employees and students.
  4. Visitors’ policies including mask reinforcement. You’ll receive guidance on how, when, and who you allow to visit your facility. And, if you receive deliveries, how to ensure everyone stays safe.
  5. Employee education and communication. How and how often you communicate to your staff affects how they feel, and ultimately how productive they are. A medical director can help.

Create a sound medical policy

Another way employers and administrators can make sure they get it right, is by working with an occupational medicine certified physician for consultation on a workplace medical policy. Decisions often need to be made quickly, in areas in which many leaders may not be versed. A prepared company or school policy that conforms accurately and addresses challenges in a medically appropriate manner keeps everything running smoother, whether during an emergency like COVID-19 or every day on the job. This instills confidence for the employer – and peace of mind for employees, staff, and students.

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