Developing a Healthy Food Program at Your Workplace

Posted by: BeneFIT Corporate Wellness
Date: March 21, 2014

Studies show that people value a healthy lifestyle and are interested in modifying their current behaviors to prevent future health problems. A great way to support these intensions is by creating an environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice.

Unhealthy vending machines can be tempting, but by developing a healthy food program you will set employees up for success. Here are a few ideas to implement a healthy food program at your workplace:

  1. Create a healthy snack stand to improve office snack selections. Include portion-controlled healthy snacks, such as fruit, string cheese, yogurt, snack bars, almonds, which can be sold to colleagues for a nominal fee. Any profit from the program can be put toward a healthy salad bar for all colleagues to enjoy.
  2. Create a healthier meeting policy. Instead of serving pizza or donuts, provide fruit or salads.
  3. Encourage decision-makers to opt for healthy vending machine options that only offer items that meet certain nutrition standards. Take a 60/40 approach; 60% healthy or diet items.
  4. Suggest ways to increase the availability of fruits and vegetables in the office. For example, keep a bowl of fresh fruit available in lunch rooms, refrigerators or meeting spaces. Or, exchange vegetables for cookies when it comes to snacks for afternoon meetings. Using a “tips” jar can help offset outside costs.
  5. Join or work with your company’s wellness committee to promote healthy food initiatives. Typical wellness committees include staff ranging from entry-level to senior management and are a great resource for helping inform others of new programs or helpful advice.

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Disclaimer: The information presented is for your general knowledge and does not replace the advice of a physician. All medical inquiries regarding your health should be presented to a physician.

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