Employer Tips to Help Employees Build a Healthy Plate

Posted by: BeneFIT Corporate Wellness
Date: May 18, 2015

Making healthy food choices, eating the right size portions and increasing physical activity throughout your workday helps you be at your best, on and off the clock. Here are 10 simple steps to getting started.

  1. Balance Calories: Visit ChooseMyPlate.gov to find your calorie level, and to balance consuming food with burning calories.
  2. Enjoy Food But Eat Less: Satisfy your hunger cues with healthy snack breaks. Move away from your desk or work station at meal times.
  3. Avoid Oversized Portions: Always choose the smallest plate or cup when serving yourself. Order portion-controlled single-serving options for lunch meetings.
  4. Foods to Eat More Often: Look for healthy options in your company’s vending machines and meals. If none are available, purchase some nutritious non-perishables to keep on hand.
  5. Make Half Your Plate Fruits and Vegetables: Make sure that green salads and fruit are a part of every lunch, not just when you order a salad as an entree.
  6. Switch to Fat-Free or Low-Fat (1%) Milk: Replace the whole milk with low-fat or fat-free in your refrigerator and opt for low-fat or fat-free yogurts and cheeses when brown-bagging your lunch.
  7. Make Half Your Grains Whole Grains: When possible, choose whole grain breads, brown rice, and whole grain cereals, in place of white, starchy, or high-sugar options.
  8. Foods to Eat Less Often: Avoid foods such as cakes, cookies, ice cream, candies, sweetened drinks, pizza, ribs, sausages, bacon, and hot dogs at company picnics and parties.
  9. Compare Sodium in Foods: Select low-sodium, reduced-sodium, and no-salt options from your company’s vending machines and cafeteria.
  10. Drink Water Instead of Sugary Drinks: Replace soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks with water and unsweetened beverages. Use a refillable water bottle throughout the workday.

Source: ChooseMyPlate.gov

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Disclaimer: The information presented is for your general knowledge and does not replace the advice of a physician. All medical inquiries regarding your health should be presented to a physician.

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