Health Coach: The Front Seat Passenger to Your Wellness Destination

Posted by: BeneFIT Corporate Wellness
Date: June 22, 2016

Embarking on an adventure? Every road trip starts with preparing your vehicle for what’s ahead, no matter how long the trip. If you’re driving, who normally sits in your passenger seat? Perhaps someone who assists with directions, monitors street signs, supports your energy, and keeps the good songs playing until you reach your destination. When it comes to your individual health and wellness goals, your health coach is your front seat passenger:

“I am ready to help prepare you, support you, and celebrate success with you along the way to reaching your wellness vision.”

Where do you want to be?

The first step is to decide what destination you are putting into your wellness GPS. Some destinations may include losing 10 pounds, completing a 5k, or even just having a more organized office. Choose the journey that is most important to you. Along with your coach, encourage yourself to include family, friends, and colleagues in your vehicle for support.

“I am focused on your strengths and values. Just as you may know what roads are best to avoid when traveling, the same applies to previous experiences that may have taught you lessons for journeys ahead. I will never tell you what you should do. Rather, we will brainstorm together toward realistic goals that will be your checkpoints along the way.”

Setting off on your journey

So the fuel tank is full, the navigation is set, and your bags are packed. It is time to start. As always, prepare for traffic ahead:

Pothole: Prepping your healthy lunches has become too time consuming. Your child’s soccer practice is in the way of your exercise class after work. Get creative and find the detours that will lead you to the same destination. When you find yourself thinking “I can’t do this anymore,” turn the steering wheel to “I can find an alternative way to make this work.”

Green Light: You lost 1 pound, completed a mile run, or organized one filing cabinet. Celebrate the little wins along the way! Toot your own horn with “I am awesome!”

“As your coach, I will celebrate your progress and goals met, no matter how small. You will always have my support. For every green light we cruise through, you are one step closer to your vision.”

Staying motivated

“I am prepared to listen to your challenges. In each session, we will review your current experiences and discover new ways to move forward along your path. With every challenge comes a learning experience. There is always a path around an obstacle.”

Low Fuel Warning: Remember your motivation. Keep the fuel tank full by creating reminders of your goals and seeing the reasons why you want to finish losing those last 5 pounds, sign up for the 5k, or clean out another desk drawer. Transition “I am so close, yet so far” into “Each small step I take puts me one step closer to my goal.”

“I will continue to explore with you the strengths and motivators that brought you to the path you are on. When you feel like you may be stuck, this is the time for us to talk about what is happening in the moment. Remember, even at low fuel, the gas station is just a phone call away.”

Reaching your destination

No matter how much traffic you may have hit, all roads lead somewhere and you crossed the finish line. Losing weight has helped you feel better and increased your energy, running a 5k has inspired you to sustain an active lifestyle, or having an organized office has decreased your stress tremendously at work. Celebrate with, “I did it!”

“As your coach, even after one journey is met, we can embark on new goals and creative ways to sustain your lifestyle. Know that you are a role model.”

So, where will your next destination be? Your BeneFIT copilots are ready. Contact BeneFIT Corporate Wellness.

The information presented is for your general knowledge and does not replace the advice of your health care provider. All medical inquiries regarding your health should be presented to your health care provider.

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