Making Your Winter Workout Work for You

Posted by: BeneFIT Corporate Wellness
Date: January 27, 2022

Winter may not be as convenient as the rest of the year when you can simply lace up your sneaks and go. However, winter can be an ideal time to step up your workout and offers an opportunity to expand your physical activity horizons. As we once again exercise caution about group gatherings, both getting outdoors and working out virtually can satisfy that itch to move. The following are some considerations.

Exercising outside? Control the cold.

Layer up. Experts recommend layers that can be taken off and put back on depending on the circumstances to balance your body temperature with that of the air. The layer of clothing closest to you should be moisture-wicking material like a lightweight polyester or polypropylene. This will take moisture away from your skin to the outer layers to evaporate. The next layer should be the insulating layer with garments made of wool or polyester fleece. The third layer should be wind- or rain-repellent. This can be taken off if it’s not raining or windy so as not to trap sweat and prevent evaporation.

Hold the heat in. Gloves and hats are a must when exercising in the cold as they keep your body heat contained. There are all different kinds depending on the activity, including insulated gloves for cycling. In that case, your hands will take the brunt of the cold wind or snow so it’s crucial to combine insulation, wind and waterproofing, but still maintain flexibility in the fingers.

Tuck in your toes. When running or walking, your choice of shoe is important. To prevent soggy socks, some manufacturers make “GTX” versions of their shoes, which have a Gore-Tex membrane over the upper part to ward off rain, snow, and sludge. You might consider a lug sole, detachable cleats, or trekking poles to guard against slipping. And as for warmth, some shoes offer an integrated knit sock as well as mesh overlays to keep your toes dry and toasty.

Staying inside? Look to your laptop.

There’s nothing like virtual exercise in your own home to keep you interested, generate body heat, and improve or maintain your health. The experts at LVHN Fitness have created a whole series of online workouts you can access easily, at your convenience. You’ll find basic exercises for general fitness as well as yoga and Zumba for flexibility, coordination, and aerobics. Visit the LVHN Fitness video channel here for lots of free content. For more information on membership or services offered at LVHN Fitness, please call 484-862-3001.

Not sure what to do? Tell your employer you want a health coach.

If you’re feeling a bit undecided or sluggish, winter is also a good opportunity to evaluate how you’re doing overall. Perhaps you have your own personal health goals but aren’t sure how to set them in motion, or maybe you already have an exercise program going but want to move to the next level. Regardless of where you are, you can get further with the guidance and motivation of a health coach. They do not tell you what to do; they simply support and motivate you as you pursue your self-defined path. A work-sponsored health coaching program is an opportunity to pave the way to happier, healthier employees.

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