There’s more to weight management than numbers on a scale

Weight Management Webinar

Our new program is designed for employers who want to provide their employees with an integrative approach to weight management. Worth the Weight, developed by a registered dietitian and board-certified health and wellness coach addresses the fundamentals of successful behavior change associated with weight management. Unlike some other programs, Worth the Weight is not prescriptive, but aims to put participants in the driver seat of their own weight management journey.

You will learn:

  • Why weight management is an important topic for employers to consider in the workplace
  • What is meant by meaningful weight loss
  • Why trendy diets often fail
  • What can make weight management such a challenge
  • About our 100% satisfaction rate and the successes of our unique eight-week program

*Available to organizations within a 30-mile radius of Allentown, PA

Tiffany Ritter, RD, LDN, NBC-HWC, CHWC, Health Coach 

How Employee Tobacco Use Affects Your Bottom Line and What You Can Do About It

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one employee using tobacco costs employers an additional $6,000 annually in the form of decreased productivity, increased sick time and higher health care costs. Multiply the $6,000 annual average over a population with only a handful of tobacco users and an organization may find itself losing more than $30,000 per year.

Watch our on-demand 30 minute webinar to find out how your company can reclaim revenue that’s going up in smoke.

By participating, you will learn:
· What various costs are associated with employees who use tobacco.
· Why quitting tobacco use can be challenging for your employees.
· How you can support your employees with quitting tobacco.

Health Coach and Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist 

5 Absolutely Essential Steps to a Successful Wellness Program

What is health coaching … really?

Give us 30 minutes to challenge your preconceptions about health coaching. Experts at BeneFIT Corporate Wellness provide a look inside their nationally accredited program that is anything but cookie-cutter. This on-demand webinar identifies the elements of health coaching that lay the foundation for a valuable investment. From interviews and testimonials to statistics on success, you’ll come away with a refreshed perspective on the importance of health coaching to an employee’s overall well-being.

You will learn:

  • Why telling people what to do about their health doesn’t work
  • How coaching can be customized to your employees
  • The four essential elements for health coaching program success

Kacie Heilman-Miller, CHWC, ISSA-PT, NBC-HWC, Health Coach

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