Preparing for the Unpredictable

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Protection from Future Disease, Illness, or even a Pandemic: How well-being can protect your employees and your business

We’re focusing on the most important actions today’s business leaders and employees can take to succeed in a world that has experienced being overturned by a pandemic. Learn why population health management and building resilience among your workforce should be Job No. 1, and why investing in these assets is critical to ensuring long-term sustainability. Tune in for:

  • Why COVID-19 was a pivotal point for businesses
  • How well-being became an employer’s best friend overnight
  • 5 key ways to promote healthy behaviors in the workplace
  • 3 effective tools for coping with stress
  • Why clinical health coaching is essential

Presented by:

  • Kristin Behler, MPH, MCHES®, Director, Health Promotion and Wellness
  • Carolyn Lamparella, EdS, LPC, Program Director, Preferred EAP