Populytics, Inc., leading regional population health management and health care data analytics firm, and wholly owned subsidiary of Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), has advanced two of its department leaders to administrator roles. The advancements are in preparation for accelerated activity in 2021, as the company continues to expand its capabilities in the pursuit of improved health care quality, better health care value for patients, and operational efficiencies across the board.

Stuart Gitomer has been promoted to the position of Administrator, Clinical and Business Analytics. Gitomer drives the dynamic health system analytics operations at Populytics, where keeping abreast of health care trends during the shift to value based reimbursement is critical. He oversees the development and deployment of the analytic programs and processes integral to transforming information into clinical and operational insights used throughout Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) and Valley Preferred. He is responsible for the development of integrated clinical and claims-based analytics; clinical workflow systems; analytic platforms supporting process automation; and ROI tracking and reporting for population health management.

With more than 30 years’ experience in health plan contracting, clinical analytics, and financial performance review, Gitomer joined Populytics as Director, Clinical & Business Analytics in 2014. Previously he was Senior Director of Analytics at Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, where he developed Patient Centered Medical Home analytic support programs and provided all product performance analytics. His experience extended to provider contracting including developing and negotiating risk sharing arrangements, development of provider incentive programs and the deployment of provider profiling applications. Gitomer holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Gitomer’s career highlights at Populytics include:

  • Developed analytics that target patients who could benefit from Care Management services
  • Deployed state of the art analytics that have been used to identify physician access opportunities and improve market share
  • Integrated Medical Expense Budgets and Care Cost Review analytics as well as Population level clinical dashboards into the value-based analysis process; this has led to stellar results under Populytics’ value-based reimbursement programs
  • Utilized dynamic analytics to leverage value-based financial and utilization metrics to help guide the development of optimal clinical care pathways
  • Leveraged advanced business intelligence applications and techniques to improve the data acquisition process and the overall quality of data used in Populytics’ analytics
  • Developed synergistic approach by the merging of both claims and clinical data into comprehensive analytics
  • Through formal education sessions with clinical and administrative leaders and day to day interactions, have helped establish a data-driven approach to the effective and efficient delivery of value-based health care to the population served

Kerry Snyder has been promoted to the position of Administrator, Health Informatics. Snyder leads the evolution of Populytics’ state-of-the-art technology platform, which has transformed Populytics into a leader in health care data engineering and web development. With an extensive background in programming, analysis, and system software development, he directs the client data management and custom applications development functions at Populytics. He oversees data management from payers, health care systems, and employers; develops custom applications; and manages the data infrastructure for Populytics and Valley Preferred.

Under Snyder’s leadership, Populytics has developed a “big data” pipeline that processes over 11 billion dollars of medical claims from eight different payers and 12 billion clinical data records each month. He has also overseen the development from scratch of the Achieving Clinical Excellence (ACE) web application used by Valley Preferred to measure and reward provider performance; the Provider Tracking web application used by the Provider & Payer Services organization to track provider demographics, specialties, affiliations, and contracts; and the Secure Provider Portal, whereby all Valley Preferred providers can view important information on their performance.

Snyder has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of manufacturing engineering, software engineering, healthcare IT, and health informatics, the last 14 years of which have been with LVHN and Populytics. Has a master’s in Computer and Information Science (Kutztown University), a master’s in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (Lehigh University), and a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering (Lehigh University).

Snyder’s career highlights include:

  • Participated in the initial planning of Populytics and has continued as a technology leader since the firm’s formation
  • Oversees the teams that developed a technology platform and the technical knowhow to transform Populytics into a leader in health care data engineering and full stack web development
  • Has been instrumental in the department’s national recognition as a leader in the application of the Symmetry application from Optum Insight
  • Has led the team responsible for the evolution and expansion of the Achieving Clinical Excellence® (ACE) provider incentive program and the creation of the LVPHO Secure Provider Portal
  • Has had a 20-year technical career in the telecommunications industry (prior to joining Populytics) with AT&T/Lucent Technologies/Agere systems
  • In previous experience, progressed from Manufacturing Engineer to Lead Programmer/Analyst, to Senior Systems Software Developer with Bell Labs

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