Populytics, Inc., leading health care data analytics and population health management firm, and a subsidiary of Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), is proud to announce its President and CEO Gregory Kile was recognized in the first-ever Lehigh Valley Business (LVB) “Power Players” program. It’s the answer to the question: “Who are the individuals helping to direct the future of business in the Lehigh Valley?” Local media leader LVB wanted to find out and therefore created its first Power Players “list” in December 2020. The 18 individuals on the list, representing the areas of banking and finance, construction and real estate, and health care, were selected by LVB reporters and editors based on reporting and in consultation with knowledgeable people in their fields.

Kile has long been active in both the health care and insurance sectors and was a founding member of the LVHN-affiliated Valley Preferred, a physician-centric provider support organization. All of his competencies come together in Populytics, where specialty analytics and informatics teams gather and process medical and claims data into usable information physicians and other medical providers can act upon. Through this rich data, his company can identify high-risk patients, and through Populytics care coordination, can get them the help they need, perhaps before becoming seriously ill. At the same time, the data can pinpoint opportunities for efficiencies, waste reduction, and collaboration that have been shown to bend the cost curve for patients.

“My biggest responsibility and my greatest passion is to find ways to ensure individuals and their families are getting the best possible health care at the best value,” says Kile. “This is a complex task because it involves coordination among many entities such as health insurance companies, health care leadership, physicians, and the federal government. Populytics is making excellent progress because we collaborate with all those involved, and we provide the data that drives evidence-based discussions, decisions, and solutions that best serve patients.”

During COVID-19, Kile was instrumental in mobilizing and consolidating the well-being and occupational health services operating under Populytics to meet the critical needs of employers, colleges, school districts, and universities. These included testing, return-to-work evaluations, medical directorship, mental health counseling, and health coaching. Populytics continues to offer these services in virtual and in-person formats as local businesses and schools navigate through the challenges posed by the pandemic.

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