Accountable Care Organizations

The implementation of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act has propelled the health care industry toward a value-based care model. This has driven many health care organizations to require a deeper look at the health of their population and consider accepting shared risk for their outcomes. With this movement comes various challenges:

  • How do you integrate disparate streams of data to gain insights?
  • How do you standardize data for accurate measurement?
  • How do you quickly identify opportunities for improvement?
  • What are the pathways to effecting change once the opportunities are identified?

At Populytics, we understand the challenges that Accountable Care Organizations face when confronting value-based care models, Medicare Shared Savings Programs (MSSP), incentive programs, and shared risk opportunities with payers.

Populytics can help your organization understand your population’s health care challenges and opportunities, as well as assist with turning those insights into action by:

  • Carrying out data integration and management
  • Identifying and stratifying high-risk populations
  • Discovering opportunities for cost reduction
  • Performing financial management of shared risk/shared savings programs
  • Identifying gaps in care
  • Supporting with creation of a physician incentive infrastructure
  • Educating clinicians and corporate leadership at the Populytics Population Health Academy

Populytics transformation of raw claims data provides clinical insights, such as inpatient admissions, emergency room frequent utilizers, brand vs. generic drug usage, chronic disease prevalence, care gaps, and more. With the addition of clinical data, an entire episode of care can be obtained. With a rich foundation of health care, informatics and insurance industry expertise, we can also help your organization turn the data into action.

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