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Are you looking for a way to transition from a volume to value-based model or enter a risk-based arrangement? Populytics helps your organization combine disparate streams of claims and clinical data and maps them to actionable strategies. Our rich foundation of health industry expertise, superior technology infrastructure, and skilled informatics specialists combine to help your organization identify opportunities for improvement while reducing the time and cost to begin such an extensive journey on your own.

Populytics data uncovers:

  • Emergency room frequent utilizers
  • Impactable medical and surgical admissions
  • Ambulatory care sensitive conditions
  • Chronic individual identification and stratification
  • Minor avoidable inpatient admissions

Learn more about our Population Health Analytics.

Populytics can also help your organization carry the data insights through the continuum with our Care Coordination Team that assists with prevention through care intervention to chronic condition management.

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Organ Acquisition Cost Center (OACC) Support

The creation of the transplant Medicare cost report is a tedious time consuming task of data collection. The majority of a transplant financial counselors’ time can be spent processing claims and preparing the supporting documentation for the cost report, instead of with direct patient care. Populytics can help your organization discover efficiencies that simplify financial management, enable¬†streamline workflows, and facilitate accurate Medicare reimbursement. Thus, the financial counselors’ workload is decreased, allowing¬†more time to help patients.

Partner with Populytics for the following OACC services:

  • Eligibility maintenance
  • Identification card development
  • Benefit verification
  • Medicare discount application
  • Data management
  • Claims processing
  • Funding management
  • Disbursement and Explanation of Benefits issuance
  • Financial report production
  • Customer service support

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