Has the implementation of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act left you struggling with a way to continue to provide health care insurance to your employees and their families? With analytic insights, you can get a clear picture of how your employees are utilizing their health care benefits. Populytics can provide not only retrospective but also prospective health care data enabling you to make informed decisions that will lead to cost-effective solutions for both you and your employees.

Populytics’ population health analytics allows you to:

  • Identify trends—high-risk members, high utilizers, potential future high-risk members, etc.
  • Improve health plan design
  • Measure outcomes
  • Discover opportunities for corporate wellness initiatives

Populytics can also take the data insights into action with our care coordination services by:

  • Identifying members with improvement opportunities
  • Engaging members into effective programs
  • Preserving healthier lifestyles

Efficiently designed plans and educated employees lead to:

  • Enhanced cost management
  • Improved utilization
  • Healthier employees
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism

BeneFIT Corporate WellnessSM 

For employers interested in helping their employees and families live healthier lives, BeneFIT Corporate Wellness, a leading innovator in workplace wellness, is armed with the analytics insights needed to provide strategic and customized wellness programs. BeneFIT’s team of Certified Health Education Specialists and Health and Wellness Coaches are experts in designing, implementing and evaluating programs to promote, maintain, and improve healthy behaviors.

BeneFIT’s comprehensive range of services include: consultation, health coaching, online wellness portal and health risk assessment.

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