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Employee health and wellness are necessary for a positive, productive culture and are critical to an organization's success. Populytics is dedicated to this principle and has evolved a total well-being portfolio to bring it to life.

Welcome to Populytics

Company Overview

We champion employees. And we work with employers to do so. Through total well-being, direct health care, and benefits services, we give you a relevant strategy to positively impact your organization.

We Can Help You:

  • Improve employee health and wellness

  • Increase productivity

  • Get better value for your health care dollars

  • Improve quality of care

  • Create a positive workplace culture

  • Strengthen recruitment and retention

Our Services

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness suite is built on a foundation of behavior change, motivation, and evidence-based science and enables employees to take their physical, emotional, and social health to better outcomes.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Whether you and your employees have concerns related to work or your personal lives, our licensed professionals are ready to provide the caring, experienced, confidential support you need.

Health Management Solutions

A new approach to employer-sponsored health care, Populytics Health Management Solutions gives employers more control, flexibility, and the opportunity to mitigate costs, all without the extra layer of a major insurer. 

Health Benefits Administration & Consulting 

Streamline your health benefits services with an integrated, quality-assured solution backed by years of experience in health plan management, efficient technology, and an expert team.  


What Our Clients Say

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“It was the whole person focus that convinced me. I was seeking a partner that offered a comprehensive well-being approach that assisted with not only physical health and nutrition, but also the mental health aspects that drive them. If you only have a partial service, you can easily lose your motivation.”

– Kevin Davis, Principal, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

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