Onsite Wellness Options

Convenient, turnkey services for employee health

You can tap into the full potential of your workforce without anyone leaving the office or shop. Our onsite health and wellness programs are easy and convenient, and can be the first step – or another step – toward a healthy and productive company culture.

Biometric Screenings and Health Fairs

Employees get in-depth, personalized health information quickly. Through a consultation following the screening, participants will understand their health risks and be able to act on them. Employers receive aggregate, HIPAA-compliant results to plan and promote health improvement programs for their workplace population.

Health Coaching

Personalized coaching is not about telling people what to do. Instead, employees choose their own goals and a board-certified health coach helps them create a pathway to get there. Coaching spans a variety of topics, uses evidence-based information, and is never one-size-fits-all. The program works with any size employee population, regardless of health plan.

Weight Management

“Worth the Weight: Thinking Beyond Numbers on a Scale” provides the missing link that trendy diets and points programs fail to deliver. Our program takes a whole different, cognitive approach and addresses the fundamentals of successful behavior change associated with weight management. Personal health coaching is included to help stay on track. The program has received 100% participant satisfaction scores every time!

Educational Workshops

Bringing a wellness professional onsite to talk to employees about their health is a highly impactful way to make an impression. Topics cover a broad range, from emotional eating and work/life balance, to tobacco cessation and stress management. Stimulating, 30- 45-, or 60-minute presentations are delivered by certified health professionals.

Wellness Credits

Insurance carriers can assist employer wellness efforts through the use of wellness credits. If you have credits available, let us help you maximize your investment for the benefit of your employees.

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