LVHN Aims for Convenience with Executive Health Program

Personalized medical exam and screening program for time-pressed executives, working moms and dads. One day convenience in private suite.

Businesspeople as well as working mothers and fathers are pressed for time. They often do not have the flexibility of devoting numerous days over the course of months or even a year, to catch up with health screenings, tests, and wellness evaluations. By nature, they search out ways to make things more efficient. They are adept at utilizing resources to preserve what little free time they have for themselves and their families. Keeping this in mind, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) designed a special service, the LVHN Executive Health Program (EHP), that's not just for executives: It prioritizes efficiency and convenience to suit the region’s business and working family populations.

Tests and screenings all in one day

Those who take advantage of the EHP spend one day, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., receiving a comprehensive range of screenings in a fully appointed, private suite located at the Health Center at Palmer Township. Transportation can be arranged at the client’s request. Laboratory screenings are collected either at the client’s home or office and completed before the day of the exam.

“This program is especially convenient now as patients attempt to minimize their visits to doctors’ offices and limit any exposure to COVID-19,” says Sara Debenedetto,” program manager. “This is an added advantage along with condensing time spent for health care to a manageable and more convenient timeframe.”

A luxurious experience

Every effort is made to ensure those in the EHP know their health care is the team’s priority for that day. Inside the suite, patients can kick back in a plush robe while taking care of business or simply relaxing between tests. They are provided with a comfortable workstation, big-screen TV, refrigerator, and coffeemaker and are served a healthy lunch and snacks. A care navigator guides the clients through their day and provides care coordination after their visit based on clinical findings and needs.

“Our care navigator actually follows the patient for a full year after their visit to the health center,” says Debenedetto. “The navigator confers with the client on any health concerns he or she might have, assists with appointments that need to be made, and tracks the client’s health and wellness progress, based on the recommendations received at the visit.”

“It’s such a complete service,” she says. “It’s simply ideal for today’s work-focused business executive or multi-tasking mom.”

“To have all those services available to me in one day, there’s just no way I could find the latitude in my schedule to make appointments that otherwise would have required several weeks.”

— Dennis Morton
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