Population Health Analytics

Achieve higher quality, value-based health care while bending the cost curve.

The shift from reimbursing clinicians based on the volume of office visits and procedures to evaluating and compensating based on the value of care provided, although best for the patient, has proven to be a difficult transition. Not only does it require organization-wide change, but it also requires the technology to support the move. This can be expensive and time-consuming.

Populytics is at the forefront of this change through its uniquely developed population health analytics platform, deep health industry expertise, and multifaceted collaborations. Health care providers have clinical data on patient care. Insurance companies have claims data. Populytics secures both and uses risk stratification and predictive modeling to transform the data into actionable information for healthier populations. What insights can Populytics provide?

  • Identification of high-risk patients and populations
  • Opportunities for cost containment
  • Gaps in care
  • Provider performance in comparison to national standards of care

Using Populytics’ advanced technology platform, our informatics and analytics experts collect, translate, and aggregate data into customized, drillable dashboards. Then we can take it to the next level. Our health care experts are able to interpret and help you apply the data to your own organization, offering informed, accurate, and intelligent health care solutions for a particular population.


Industry Solutions:

If you’re challenged by disparate data and how to use it, contact us to discuss the benefits of a partnering with our advanced analytics and population health management experts

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