About Us

Populytics meets employers where health and business intersect. We know that healthier employees bring about healthier bottom lines so we have designed services to optimize both. 


Your Connection to Better Health

Populytics jumps into the trenches with employers to provide services that address their core needs and customization that makes them personal. Covering all aspects of well-being – including physical, emotional, and social, as well as flexible health care coverage – we help employees realize their full potential by guiding them toward total health. This in turn leads to less absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover, and claims and plan costs. 

About Us

Why Populytics?

Our total well-being solutions are supported by years of experience and are administered by certified, professional counselors, coaches, and educators. We are aligned with one of the largest health networks in the region, offering countless options and expert support.  

  • Health Care Industry Expertise: We’re connected to Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), with 13 hospital campuses throughout a 10-county service region of Pennsylvania.

  • Customized Services: Populytics’ suite of services can be designed for your unique needs, no matter how complex.

  • Reliable History: Our company is built on a strong foundation of health care and insurance expertise, corporate wellness, behavioral health, data analytics, and years of industry successes.

  • Quality Premise: Just like our goals in health care, our approach to services is quality-driven. We go to great lengths to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and highest quality in all we do.