Health and Wellness Coaching Journey

Through our quality health coaching program, local executive Kevin Davis was able to manage his weight and improve his overall health. Learn more about his journey and how his company benefited in this video series.

Learning About Yourself

Kevin and Catie find a coaching connection for creating a successful experience.

Discovering What's Important

Focusing on what's important to you and building on skills are key.

Achieving Goals through Motivation

There are no "shoulds" or "have-tos" in health coaching.

The Food-Emotion Connection

The "doughnut moment" was a true breakthrough for Kevin and Catie.

Replacing Unhealthy Patterns

For Kevin, pairing music with walking made exercise easier.

Making Better Choices

Kevin finds new meaning in nutrition in a most unlikely location – Disney World®!

Seeing through Stress

Learning the underlying reason for choosing what we eat can be eye-opening.

An Accountability Partner

Friendship and loyalty are a big part of health coaching.