Mitigating the Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

Find balance so it doesn’t dominate your attention and your life!

While there are a slew of positives associated with engagement in social media, some studies have shown the negatives can adversely affect mental health. Those effects include anxiety, psychological distress, poor sleep quality, cyber bullying, fear of missing out, and general life dissatisfaction. Join Preferred EAP Licensed Professional Counselor Jenny Reilly as she tackles this timely yet controversial topic. She’ll give you the facts as well as ways in which you – as parents and adults – can balance social media usage so it doesn’t dominate your attention and your life! 

We’ll cover:

  • Data/statistics of the impact of social media on mental health
  • Harmful effects of social media on children
  • The addictive design/intent of social media 
  • Tools and strategies to regain control of how you use your phone and social media