BeneFIT Testimonials

From Employees

“It was important to have my coach there with me, to reach out to, get inspiration from, express my feelings to, and let me know I wasn’t alone.”
– Kim H.

“The counseling I received through the BeneQUIT program reinforced my decision to quit smoking and gave me the resources I need to help others quit.”
 – Brian C.

“I get so busy trying to do the best job at work and making sure everything there is running smoothly but I don’t always take time to study myself. Our workplace wellness program actually caused me to sit back, take a look at my health and make some easy lifestyle changes to get on the right path.”
– Liz G.

“I have been exercising more (okay …to be honest I am exercising for the first time in forever!) and I was pleased that my numbers on the health screening the second year improved!”
– Gretchen W.

“I can confidently say that without my BeneFIT Coach’s encouragement, I would have probably already given up. Instead, I have lost 25 lbs. in the last 4 months.”

“Webinars  are only one hour long and packed with good advice. Daytime and nighttime options are available for scheduling, making it possible for everyone to attend.”
– Linda B.

“The health coaching session was a supportive, non-didactic conversation. My health coach didn’t chide or go on about everything I do wrong. Rather, she asked empowering questions that encouraged me to take action. It led me to think, plan and choose some specifics within the realm of possibility.” 
– Christina D.

“As a result of working with my BeneFIT Coach for over a year, I was removed from all blood pressure medication at my last doctor’s visit and only use vitamin supplements today.”

From Employers

“All of the BeneFIT wellness programs that we have used have been very successful. The Health Fair has become an annual event of which all employees look forward to attending.”
Gerald Fillman, Human Resources Manager, Solar Technology Inc.

“The health fair and blood pressure screening probably saved one employee’s life. His blood pressure had been around 196/109. The employee had been seeing his doctor and taking blood pressure medication and thought everything was fine. The employee followed up with his doctor and found the change was from the prescription plan not honoring his brand name prescription and switching him to a generic. He is now back on his brand name medication and watching his blood pressure closely with his doctor.”
Brian Rubright, Site Manager, American Nickeloid

“Our employees like to keep their health fair screening results from year to year and go back and check to see if any improvements were made. We had one employee who dropped 10 points on their BMI from this year to last due to increased exercise and healthy eating. Our employees expressed positive feedback to our executives and appreciation for allowing BeneFIT to come onsite again, and provide free screenings to keep them up-to-date with their health.”
Andrea Wicks, PHR, HR Generalist, Tyndale Company

“Employees enjoyed the ability to receive health screening/information on site. It was convenient and more personable then testing and receiving results via email or phone.”
Theresa Schwartzer, SVP of Human Resources, Univest Corporation

“CFOs are usually focused on money rather than people; but here, the two work together. Employees are the most important resource we have, so it’s important we care, trust and help each other. We have seen good results from our health initiatives. If something is a good investment, we do it. If it’s not, we don’t.”
Rich King, Chief Financial Officer, Schlouch, Inc.

From Brokers

“BeneFIT is well ahead of the curve in wellness programs to help employers manage health plan costs. After four weeks in a BeneFIT tobacco cessation program, 60 percent of the enrollees were still not smoking. It’s BeneFIT’s fresh, personalized approach that makes all the difference.”
 Rocky Gencarelli, Employer Benefits Manager, Miers Insurance

“Most health insurance carriers offer wellness programs but the majority or these programs are online, which often make it difficult for employers to engage their employees in wellness. But with Valley Preferred’s BeneFIT Corporate Wellness program it’s different. BeneFIT provides 100% customization to our client’s needs. BeneFIT’s Health Educators and clinical experts are on-site and hands-on…personally getting employees interested and engaged in wellness. Our agency has been recommending BeneFIT to our clients for more than a decade. Employers taking advantage of BenFIT’s expertise have experienced higher productivity, lower health insurance and workers comp premiums, and a healthier culture that reflects how an employer cares about the health of their employees.”
Todd M. Linn, CIC, Manager-Group Benefits Division, Hampson Mowrer Kreitz Insurance

“My clients like the fact that BeneFIT is local and the wellness programs are customizable to their unique needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all product like many other wellness programs. At a client’s BeneFIT health fair, one of the employees was concerned about being tired and attributed the chronic fatigue to weight gain. The employee, a frequent driver of company vehicles, advised he had not seen a family physician in 20 years. He participated in BeneFIT’s health screening for a cholesterol and glucose reading, and was informed by the clinician that he was at risk for acute diabetic illness. The employee immediately saw his physician and obtained the appropriate care. BeneFIT is credited for helping the employee and my client in avoiding any major potential health problems.”
Marc I. Basist, Employer Benefits Consultant , Kistler Tiffany Benefits