Wellness Challenges

Create a sense of unity, and encourage employees to motivate and support each other. Employee Wellness Challenges appeal to everyone and are are easy to implement. All good for business.

Healthy Competition

Everybody loves a challenge. Challenges foster healthy habit-forming behaviors by allowing employees to track their progress as they work toward their goals. Individual or team challenges are motivating and encourage social connectedness.

Wellness Challenges Feature:

Employee Wellness Challenges can stand alone or be integrated seamlessly into an existing program. We manage participation and incentive tracking so you can focus on your business.

  • Engaging content and a variety of topics that stimulate action, learning, and support

  • Ability to track progress easily for both individuals and teams

  • Ability to sync with a variety of fitness trackers

  • Incentive tracking and marketing

  • Integration with the Wellness Portal

Fun and Engagement

Choose your topic, from fitness to emotional wellness. Employees can challenge themselves or join teams to compete across the company to build health and camaraderie.

Connections and Culture

Helping employees come together has benefits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when people are socially connected they are more likely to make healthy choices and are better able to cope with stress, trauma, adversity, anxiety, and depression. 

Support and Implementation

Challenges are easy to implement. We provide marketing materials, setup, reporting, and more. You keep doing your job, we've got the rest covered.

  • Turnkey program
  • Promotes healthy habits
  • Brings fun into the workplace
  • Options that appeal to everyone
  • Over a 98 percent participant satisfaction rate

Wellness Portal

  • Integrated personal health record
  • Health Coaching Services
  • Wellness challenges
  • Incentive management
  • Secure messaging system

Motivate your employees in a simple way.