Tobacco Cessation

Employers can help employees reduce the health risks associated with tobacco use and second-hand smoke. Our tobacco cessation program, BeneQUIT, is a highly effective treatment when it comes to smoking, vaping, and using other smokeless tobacco products.

A Tobacco-Free Workplace

Most tobacco users want to quit, but become discouraged by unsuccessfully trying to do it alone. Our program is comprehensive, incorporating everything from counseling to coaching follow-up.

What BeneQUIT Provides:

  • Individualized guidance over five or more telephone sessions with a specialist certified in Tobacco Treatment Practice and health coaches trained in behavior change

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy medication (NRT)

  • Informational and strategic e-book

  • Prerecorded educational webinar

  • Unlimited support from a tobacco coach throughout the program year

What Makes BeneQUIT Different?

  • Comprehensive program that supports employees' physical, behavioral, and cognitive factors to increase success
  • Ability to assist companies of all sizes, small or large
  • Individualized quit strategy and follow-up for each participating employee 

Wellness Portal

  • Integrated personal health record
  • Employee health coaching
  • Wellness challenges
  • Incentive management
  • Secure messaging system

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“I feel so much better and now there is more money in my bank account. I couldn't have done this without the accountability that BeneQUIT provides!"

Shariel Fonville, LPN

BeneQUIT Webinar

How employee tobacco use affects your bottom line and what you can do about it.

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