Physical Activity

Aim for an active workplace and fit employees

Creating a culture of wellness that promotes physical activity starts with a vision and requires a plan. BeneFIT Corporate Wellness works with employers to design corporate fitness programs, coordinate onsite fitness classes, and advise worksite policies and initiatives.

Increasing physical activity is a key step employees can take to improve their health. Physical activity lowers the risk of many adverse health outcomes, including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and colon and breast cancers. It can also help prevent weight gain, improve cardiovascular and muscular fitness and strength, prevent falls, improve bone density, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve productivity.

BeneFIT’s Fitness Programs Available:

Onsite Classes

Cardio-Strength and Dance Classes to get participants’ hearts pumping and muscles flexing. Examples: ZUMBA®, Cross-Training

Mind/Body Classes to calm the mind and slow-sustained movement to strengthen and elongate the muscles. Examples: Yoga, Pilates

Fitness Tracker/Wellness Walking Program using a small comfortable device to track steps and distance covered, easily worn by the user to encourage increased activity levels.

Expert Speaker Presentations

BeneFIT’s Certified Health Professionals can speak about a variety of health topics. They can motivate employees to establish goals and plan strategies to encourage exercise initiation and compliance. Topics featuring physical activity can include:

  • Sports Performance Evaluation (Individual or Group)
  • Personal Training
  • Basic Fitness Assessments
  • Functional Movement Assessments
  • Individual Physical Activity Program Design
  • Individual Fitness Consultations
  • Consultation for Fitness Center Design and Administration
  • Physical Activity and Worksite Policy Consultation

Consultation with BeneFIT’s Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES) is available to help you assess, plan, and/or evaluate your company’s environment and health policies related to encouraging physical activity at the worksite.

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