Stress Management

To boost productivity, create an environment that’s less stressful for employees

Often, it’s hard to recognize and manage stress while living in today’s fast-paced world. However, stress and its consequences can impact employees and their life at work, leading to absenteeism, illness, and distraction.

BeneFIT Corporate Wellness provides stress management programs in the workplace that can help your employees become aware of the role stress plays in affecting health, safety, and their ability to be productive. Our programs also help employees take action to reduce and manage their stressors. Available services include:

Interactive Stress Education: Expert Speaker Presentations featuring BeneFIT’s Certified Health Professionals inform employees of the dynamics of stress, its physiology, the impact it has on an individual’s life, and techniques and tools available to gain better control over stress.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Preferred EAP is a workplace behavioral management consulting firm associated with Lehigh Valley Health Network. It is the region’s largest provider of comprehensive EAP services. Preferred EAP helps employees deal with a wide variety of problems, including personal or work-related situations that have a negative impact on their productivity, quality of life, and life satisfaction. The program can be customized to include spouses and dependents.

Stress Management and Worksite Policy Consultation: Consultation with BeneFIT’s Wellness Consultants is available to help your company assess, plan, and/or evaluate the environment and health policies related to stress management and relaxation in the worksite.

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