Managing Up

Becoming a More Effective Employee

Diverse working styles and hybrid work environments can seriously impact communication and understanding between managers and employees and ultimately deter productivity. Additionally, employees often feel hesitant to share their thoughts and concerns openly for fear of being misunderstood. The concept of “managing up” is a way to empower employees to better understand their manager and effectively communicate their own needs, improve collaboration, and feel more supported in their job. In this free, live webinar, Preferred EAP Program Director Carolyn Lamparella, EdS, LPC, will explain what managing up means. She’ll discuss simple steps employees can take to understand their managers and supervisors and how to work with them harmoniously. That means less stress for everyone!

You’ll learn:
  • The key behaviors needed to develop a positive and productive relationship with your manager
  • How to adapt to your manager's communication style and way of working
  • The proper way to communicate your own preferred work and communication style
  • How to anticipate your manager's needs