Reasonable Suspicion

Training for Supervisors

The National Safety Council estimates that each worker with an untreated substance use disorder can cost an employer as much as $14,000 a year, largely due to the likelihood they'll leave the job within a year. But how can employers bring up this delicate subject? The responsible and legally compliant approach to substance use/abuse in the workplace is through “Reasonable Suspicion”, which is based on specific observations. This requires specialized training, so supervisors know what to look for and how to manage the situation.

In this free webinar for supervisors, Preferred EAP Counselors and fully qualified DOT Substance Abuse Professionals Jenny Reilly, LPC, CAADC, and Tania Scriff, LPC, CADC, explain how to recognize substance abuse and the steps involved in the Reasonable Suspicion process, including assessment by a substance abuse professional, testing, treatment recommendations, and follow-up.